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Friday, July 21, 2006

I have moved... my new home at Typepad!

I know, I know...sorry for another move, but it won't be happening again!

Please update your bookmarks and links everyone :o)

See you over there...I am currently taking bookings for my Button Superstar online workshop so I hope you can join me...bye *waving madly*!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

HUGE post coming up...

...OMG...not again I hear you all moan! But, it has been a week and I have a lot to share, so settle in with a cuppa or a chokky and soak it up...or bail now lol ;D

Firstly, some business. THANK YOU everyone for the huge response to my instructional kits!!! Wow, the response has just BLOWN me away!!!!! I am still waiting on a few people for payments (hurry up girls so I can email your kits out to you lol!) and once these are through, I will begin the big (e)mail-out! Reminder...please have all payments finalized by midnight, Friday 21st July (AEST).

To everyone who has purchased BOTH will have one week each to access the online instructions so that you may complete your layouts. The first mail-out will be the "My Happiness" kit and will be emailed out from Monday 24th July. The second mail-out will be the "Doodling Fantasia" kit and this will be emailed out from Monday 31st July. For sole purchases of "My Happiness" or "Doodling Fantasia" kits - instructions will be emailed out from Monday 24th July.

Okay, now on to other things!

Most of you will already know that the newest Scrap To The Max newsletter was released over the weekend, and it was FABULOUS!!!!! Amazing work girls...if you haven't seen our work yet, head on over the the gallery for a squiz ;D Amber and the rest of the girls have also set up some fab challenges for you, so head on over to the STTM Forum and check them out too! I am very sad to write that the gorgeous Megan is leaving us...we're all going to miss you so much Megan!!! And you had better come and visit and show off your fab work in the gallery missy, or else ;P

Here's one of my layouts for the month, from our doodling challenge which I had so much fun doing...yep, I do love doodling!!!!! (Bugger won't let me upload my pic!!! Check it out in the gallery at Scrap To The Max in the meantime.) You can check out my newsletter project and patterned paper challenge layout in the STTM gallery if you wanna see more hehehe ;P

While you're there, drop into the forum and say hi, and check out the yummy new pens Amber has in the store (lots of coloured Zig pens, coloured Zebra gel pens, and Uniball Signo white gel pens girls!!!!!) plus the fab patterned papers, too! Not going to tell you what they are'll have to go see for yourself ;D

Don't forget to check out the How Dare You site this week and next too! We have a fabulously arty dare going at the moment..."Inspired by Teesha Moore". VERY to see some of you have a go at Teesha's style!!! And check out her stamps on her website...LOOOOOVE the doodled ones ;D My layout is yet to come...I'm working on it, trust me! Going to be a busy week ahead for me, I think.

Not finished yet lol ;P

I have something really exciting to share...I am going to be teaching here in Hervey Bay at a divine new scrapping store which has just opened up, called "Scrapbooking and Gifts". A scrapping friend that attends "Scrap and Yap" at our other LSS (where my Mum and I scrap together every Monday) mentioned to me that Narelle, the new store's owner, desperately needed someone to teach classes for her, so I went in and chatted to her about it today...she's so lovely (HI NARELLE!!!) !!! Narelle has so many fabulous ideas for the store and for classes and I am really, REALLY excited to be working with her...we are going to have a planning session tomorrow and nut a few things out...we're both itching to get started lol :o) Classes will be starting up in August, so if you know anyone up my way, give them a holler and tell them about us! And if you are ever up here in Hervey Bay, don't forget to drop into the store and say "hi" to Narelle, Ross (Narelle's lovely DH - hi to you too Ross!!!) , and myself...and don't forget to pick up some yummo new supplies and take a class with me while you're there ;D The store is at the corner of Main Street and The Esplanade, just off the roundabout, right on the beach...yummo view too Narelle, just DIVINE!!!!

More next series of online workshops is starting NEXT WEEK! The sample project features buttons and doodling (YAY Jaki for guessing ;D). I will be releasing booking details and session times VERY soon, so keep an eye out here!

And I have MORE scrapping news, but I can't tell you yet though...hehehe...;D I am riding such a cool wave at the moment and am just enjoying where it is taking me :o)

Apart from all of my scrapping excitement, not much else is happening...and I quite like it that way! I am still sick though...the flu now, and this tonsillitis won't budge either...but I am over the worst of it now so that's the main thing. It has really muddled up where I wanted to be with my scrapping though, and I am still trying to tie up a few loose ends from the "Doodling Fantasia" workshop that I hope to have sorted by Tuesday next week...oh well, nothing I can do about being sick :o( I am getting there girls...

Mark has been so fantastic while I have been sick with looking after the kids, cooking tea, doing some washing, running errands, letting me sleep when I need to...I really don't deserve him. We've decided we are going to have a holiday away soon...just us two. We've been away once for the weekend without the kids since they were born, so we think it's about time we took some time out for us for a change. We'll miss the kids like CRAZY though!

Oooh, before I you know, I am moving to Typepad (as a blog hosting alternative to Blogger) permanently very soon. I have set up my photo albums there - my general gallery, and some pics of my students' layouts from the "My Happiness " and "Doodling Fantasia" workshops - click on the links in my sidebar here to have a look.

Well, that's about it...PRAISE THE LORD, I hear you all say ;P I am scrapping my sample layout for next week's workshops as we speak, so don't forget to check back soon for a look-see ;D I'm off to type up some ideas for classes for Narelle as they strike while I scrap, too...gosh I am sooooooo excited to be teaching locally...thank you so very much Narelle!!!!!! Okay okay, I'd better try and settle down or I won't sleep tonight lol ;D

I hope you've enjoyed listening to this new Neyo song...I really love it and it makes me think of Mark...ewwwww, I know you are all saying that you didn't want to hear that HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Sorry for the mushy-mushy ;P

Catch you all again very soon...BIG pat on the back for reading my blurt if you made it to the end! *pat pat pat pat pat*

MWAH!!!! xoxo

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Once only offer!!!

Ok girls...I have been inundated with emails over the last week or so asking if the instructions to complete the "Doodling Fantasia" or "My Happiness" layouts are available for purchase. So, I have decided...seeing as though they have been so popular and I am such a nice person ; offer up the chance to receive a kit which provides full details on how to complete either project...YAY!!!! Here's the details if you're interested :o)


COST: $5.00 each kit ("Doodling Fantasia" or "My Happiness")


  • online access to fully detailed workshop instructions (in the Paper Fantastic Studio) for the period of one week, so you can complete your layout in your own time;
  • a pdf document briefly outlining the above instructions;
  • a fully comprehensive materials list;
  • a template/cutting guide;
  • 2 copies of song lyrics for journaling ("Doodling Fantasia" only);
  • numerous fully comprehensive doodling handouts designed to teach you how to do some funky basic doodling!!!


  • ( by midnight, Tuesday 18th July to let me know which kit/kits you are interested in.
  • I will email you back my bank details...please pay via direct deposit.
  • Please have all payments finalized by midnight Friday 21st July, 2006.
  • The kits will be emailed out simultaneously to all recipients after all payments have been finalized - this is in the interest of fairness as it best enables everyone access to the Studio for an equal amount of time.


Now, this is a once only offer!!!! I will not be repeating this opportunity again for these or for any of my future workshops!!!!!!! So, if you desperately want to learn how to doodle, email me asap and I'll show you how ;D

Thanks everyone for your continued interest in my workshops, for your support, and for your has been AMAZING!!!!!! I am currently working on my next set of workshops which will be open for bookings next week, so keep an eye out here for further details. If you are wondering what the theme is going to be, you can find it in the TITLE of this --------> "Pussy Cat Dolls" song (sorry if anyone finds the song distastefull)...that and a little doodling thrown in, of course ;D So, can you guess what it is?????

I just can't WAIT to bring you some more funky scrapping ideas over the coming months...I have so many things I want to teach you!!!

Chat to you all soon :o)


Monday, July 10, 2006


...I have really mixed feelings about my last post today. Maybe the following is warranted, maybe not...but I am blogging it because I need to.

I know to some I sound really over-dramatic talking like tonsillitis is the worst thing since the plague, or something like that. But, to me, being sick is the most awful thing. I would rather give birth than have tonsillitis...being in labour for me was NOTHING compared to how sick I am when those little bacteria are running rampant in the back of my throat. It makes me want to curl up and die, and I never want to feel like that again.

Those of you who really know me will know that I beat myself up for "whining" about being sick. I am not a whinger. I am not self-centered or egotistical. I am not out for sympathy or attention, nor am I trying to put my own problems above anyone else's. I am just trying to show my life how it is...and a lot of the time it is a struggle. I have issues, just like everyone else. I have been sick so much in my adult life, with things that left me incapacitated and it has taken all of my strength to overcome these times (I won't go into detail here). Each new period of ill-health, no matter how small, is a reminder of those times in my life. But, I am still here...thanks to one fantastic GP who was willing to listen, two magic pills that I must take everyday for the rest of my life, and mountains of constant mental hard work. Sometimes it's easy, and then other times it's unbearably hard...but I won't give in. I'm here to stay...and no one can ever take that away from me.

Thank you to those of you who understand that I'm just, Me on a scrapbook page, there for the public to see, and that is of my own choosing. But I won't pretend all is fine and dandy...that's not me either. What you see is what you get...just pretences...and I'm just trying to muddle through the best way I know how.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Six feet from the edge...

...and for the last two days I have been thinking maybe six feet ain't so far down.

Tonsillitis struck me again on Wednesday morning. I woke with a scratchy throat and felt pretty lethargic. I gave myself a scare when I fell asleep on the lounge...lucky Danyelle was here and was looking after the kids for me. It was only for a little while, but I knew when I woke that something wasn't right...I don't do that. I knew what was coming so I fished my tonsillitis antibiotics out of the medicine cupboard and took one in an effort to head it off. By that evening I had a full-blown infection.

Thursday I was wishing I was dead, almost delerious from the pain, and nothing I took even touched the sides of it. Mark stayed home to take care of Danyelle and the kids for me, and I slept. I couldn't bear to be awake, so I slept...and slept...and slept. I did make myself eat some tea Thursday night though and then I crawled back into bed.

I slept until Friday lunchtime and begged Mark to call the ambulance for me. Don't even ask how that seems that you have to be a category 5 patient (eg. having a heart attack) to be treated with any care by some staff at our local hospital's emergency department. I wish Mum had've been at work...she was so disguisted with how I was treated when I told her...I was wheeled out into the waiting room and left sitting there in a wheelchair sobbing, and the rest of the story I am not going into here. Needless to say, I am going to be putting in a complaint, in writing. We'd been trying to get me in to see a doctor but no-one in this damn town was available, and my usuall antibiotics weren't working. So, the hospital was the last resort, as all of the doctors' surgeries in town tell you. Never again...I'll never go up there again as a patient unless I have Mum with me, and I should be treated with care whether she is there or not, but the difference in the care I receive when she IS there is amazing, and, it's disguisting that my Mum has to use her position to get better treatment for her daughter. Anyway (off my soapbox now), I decided to take my chances with the antibiotics I already had and made Mark take me home, feeling very belittled and humiliated and angry.

This brings me to today...after more sleep and more desperate self-medicating - and a last-minute appointment with a GP here yesterday afternoon to confirm that I was doing the right thing - I am finally feeling a little better. My self-esteem is still feeling very battered though, and I guess it will for a little while. But physically, I am still giddy and nauseous and sore and pus-laden (YUKKKK!!!! too much info, I know!!!!!), but less than I was at this time yesterday. And, I know I will improve over the next few days, so finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would have been lost if it wasn't for Mark taking such good care of me...he's been the best...getting me tablets, making me drink, checking on me all the time, keeping the kids away so they didn't end up sick (sooooo hard on them and me!!!), and being a Mummy and a Daddy, and Auntie and an Uncle for the last few days. I am so proud of him. And my gorgeous Mum...she worries about me just as much now I am grown as she did when I was a little tike...that's what Mums do. I will be the same with my two. But she's just the best mother anyone could ever ask for, always there whenever I need her, always backing me up, there with a shoulder to cry on and a cuddle when I need. Thank you so much Mummy xoxoxoxoxoxo (I know you are reading this ;D)

I don't know why tonsillitis has to hit me so hard and fast, or why I've had so much trouble with serious bacterial infections over the last eight years, but I do know that stress plays a big part. But it doesn't have to be huge amounts of stress...I have been stressed about more serious things in the past and have not fallen ill. I think the big guy upstairs is trying to tell me to slow down and take stock of what I have before something really serious permanent damage to my body caused by septicaemia from one of these big tonsillitis infections...or even the dreaded "C" word. I feel like that is where I am headed if things don't change. And it's about time I listened. I don't want to feel like I am six feet from the edge again, and next time I might not be so lucky.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And so it continues...

...the acceptances, that is, so I am feeling very excited today!!! Jannah from Scrapbook Creations (hi Jannah! :oD) emailed me yesterday and asked me if I'd like to contribute to a feature for the mag, on top of my two other acceptances from them. And For Keeps sent me an email today requesting my "Free" layout for publication. I just want to say a big thank you to all of my special friends who pushed me to submit my work...I would never have done it if it wasn't for your boots up the bum ROFL ;D!!!! I owe you girls so much...thank you from the bottom of my heart {{{{HUGS}}}} xoxo

Well, now I have to sort these layouts etc. out to send in to the mags, so I will be late with getting the doodling hints and tips up on my Studio website up and running...sorry to all of my students!!! Please check back towards the end of the week. And, for those of you having problems accessing the Studio, try clicking this link to it and then adding your username and password. SORRY!!!!

I also am madly working on my Scrap To The Max dt layouts this week. I am really in my element as one of our project themes for the month is doodling...hehe ;D!!

We also have our niece Danyelle arriving by plane from Brisbane. Her and my two littlies don't get to see each other much and Danyelle is going to be staying for a few days while she's on school holidays...the kids are so excited!!! Danyelle is almost 15 and is Mark's sister Debbie's daughter. There's 10 years difference between Mark and Debbie because of his Mum's troubles with carrying babies to term...Mark was very lucky to make it...his Mum and Dad lost 5 babies before he was born due to a septum in her uterus which divided it into two compartments. Mark's Mum and Dad also had a stillborn baby boy at 20wks gestation not long after Mark was born, and that was it for them. Poor buggers. I lost a twin when I was pregnant with Lachie at 6.5wks gestation, and losing one was enough to spiral me into the deepest episode of Depression that I'd had in my 10yr battle with the illness. God only knows how they coped. I think they are still trying to, especially Mark's Mum. Miscarriage is something that you never get just adapt and cope as best you can. I really must scrap about mine.

ANYWAY!!! As you can see, we are very busy here in our little house. The kids are home from daycare today and for the rest of the week, and today we're trying to get things ready for, tidying, making up Lachie's top bunk, folding washing...Lachie's pretty good at folding too! One of his fave things is to sit on my bed with me and help sort and fold the washing lol...I HATE it so it's very special to have some cheerful chatter from my little mate while I do it :o) I am going to remind him one day when he's a teenager and won't do it of how he used to love helping out when he was 4yo ROFL ;D Oooooh, must scrap that too hehehe...

Well, enough of a ramble...must get going. I will talk to you all very soon :o) Thanks for dropping by everyone...MMMWWWAAAHHH!!!! xoxo

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's been a good week... of the best ever!!! :o) The workshops have been going great...wonderful students, fabulous layouts everyone has been producing (keep them coming in girls!!!), Typepad's been pretty well-behaved (well, better than Blogger, anyway!), and I feel so feeling ever! My heart truly IS happy for this amazing opportunity to share my scrapping ideas with you all...THANKYOU :o)

More good week secret!!!

I received an email inviting me to be part of a little group of Aussie scrappers. The aim is to do weekly dare layouts in the vein of my fave darers, The Effers. Now, these girls restrictions apart from a broad theme under which they scrap amazing layouts each week. So hell yeah, I jumped at it!!! No restrictions, use what I like, purely self-indulgent scrapping...YAY!!!! Sue (our organizer) is fab and the girls are just awesome...I am sooo loving it and feel so very lucky and bamboozled as to why I was plucked out of the blue to join this little group! After much organizing and chatting this week, our first dare is up...YAY!!!!! To check out who else is in our group, click here: Aussie Dares...I'll add everyone's links to my blog in the coming week when I have more time. Have fun and...I dare you to create a "HOW DARE YOU" layout ;P

One more good thing...Scrapbook Creations contacted me yesterday. They want to publish some of my layouts...COOL!!!!! And maybe more work for them in the future...hmmm, what does that mean??? Better email them and find out, huh? So yes, I am Happy Karen, EXCITED KAREN, Content Karen...*aaaaaah*, feels soooo good lol ;D

Check you all soon :o) MMMMWWWAAAAHHH!!!! xoxo