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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I love this song...

****ALL WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS: the Paper Fantastic Studio will not be accessible between 3.00pm and 4.30pm AEST Thursday 29th July to enable maintenence to be carried out. Sorry for any inconvenience****

...I saw Faith Hill sing "Fireflies" on Oprah one day and instantly the lyrics touched me. It's childhood, femininity, faith, hope, fairytale, love. Some songs I like for their frivolity, some for their rhythm, and then there's others, the really special ones, that touch my heart, like this one...and that's why I have used the lyrics on my "Doodling Fantasia" layout. Sit back and have a listen to the words for a minute and you'll see what I mean :o) about busy!!!!! I need sleep...and lots of it...hopefully Mark and the kids will let me have a nice long sleep-in on the weekend. I did get a yummy red rose from Mark today, just to say he's so proud of me for running my workshops and with how well everything is going with them, and to say sorry for being such a grump lately :o) I don't get flowers, so this was really special...he's a sweetheart ;D

For all of my keen as mustard workshop participants (hi everyone!!!), I have found some lyrics for another "Butterfly" song, and this one's by Delta Goodrem. I totally forgot about Delta...I love her!!!! Thanks to Nellie for reminding me ;D I might have to scrap these lyrics on a layout for Lili, the same as my "Doodling Fantasia" layout.

My other secret is out on Friday!!!! Check back here then to find out what is is ;D

I hope all in Blogdom is well, and I will catch up with you all properly when my workshops are finished :o)


Monday, June 26, 2006

Just a quickie...

Thank you to everyone for the warm response to my "Doodling Fantasia" workshops :o) I am so thrilled with how they have taken off and for your support ;D

I still have a couple of extra places available in each of the following workshop sessions in case anyone thought they may have missed out...

Thursday 29th June, 7.45pm - 10.15pm
Friday 30th June, 10.30am - 1.00pm
Sunday 2nd July, 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Email me at if you'd like to book in and see the post below for project sneak peeks and workshop details :o)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Doodling Fantasia" sample project sneak peeks...

Here they are! Well, I didn't miss morning by much lol ;P Blogger is playing up for me today... grrrrrr!!! :o(

Spots are still available in next week's Thursday, Friday, and Sunday workshops and bookings close 9am Sunday 25th June...that's tomorrow!!! Get in quick to secure one of the last spaces available :o)

The next information email containing materials list, cutting and doodling template, and access details for the Paper Fantastic Studio will be sent out to all workshop participants after payments have been received. For those of you who have already paid, thank you very much!!! Your email will be forwarded to you asap ;D

Finally, I just want to tell you all that if you are thinking of booking but are maybe a little unsure of yourself as you've never doodled before, don't be scared!!! I will give you a FULL doodling template for you to copy, or if you want to try some free-hand doodling, I will give you instructions on how to draw the different doodles featured on this layout yourselves. So, give it a's HEAPS of fun :o)

I am sooooo excited about these workshops...can't wait to get started!!! And I now have Typepad all set up to host the Paper Fantastic Studio, so no more issues with Blogger...YAY!!!!!!! I will be permanently moving to Typepad by Wednesday 5th July as Blogger has just been too unreliable for me in the last couple of weeks. I'll add a link here so you know where to find me :o)

I hope you can join me for a workshop next me at if you are interested.

See you all soon with another update...MMMWWWAAAHHH!!

P.S. If I owe you an email...I am getting there! Flat-strap at the moment. Rest assured, I haven't forgotten you ;D Oh, and yes...that is me as a little girl in the photo on the workshop sample hehehehe ;P

Friday, June 23, 2006

"My Happiness"...

..."slowly creepin' back"...

Yes, I've had that damn Powderfinger song in my head all week and do you think I can find a music code of it so I can add it to my blog???? NUP!!!!!! So, you and I will have to be content with this song of theirs instead lol ;P

Well, the trial class went pretty well tonight, and overall I am very happy with it :o) The girls were all soooooo lovely and encouraging and supportive and amazing...and chatty!!!!! We had a FABULOUS time!!!!! Sadly, we had a couple of issues with Blogger that left me a little peeved and I was very disappointed that because of this Julie couldn't make it...we really missed you Julie!!! :o( Rest assured, it won't happen again though!!!

The girls have all been busy adding their layouts to their blogs and some of us have uplaoded ours at Scrap To The Max. Being not too appropriate to add them to a separate gallery at STTM, I'll be adding everyone's layouts from the trial class to my gallery at Two Peas over the next few days as they email they to me (with their permission, of course) and will add a link to it in my sidebar for all of you to check them out...and maybe a little Flickr too ;D

will be released SATURDAY MORNING!!!!!
Sorry to keep you all hanging on, but I have been sooooo flat-out this week organizing everything for the classes that they aren't quite ready to show off yet. Soon, I promise!!!! Bookings are still open for all time slots and you can find the details for the workshops here.

And my other secret?

Nada, nuthin', ZIP!!!!!

Now that one I am intentionally teasing you about ROFL ;P

And, it's HUUUUUUUGGGGGGE!!!!!!!!! Wait till you see...

But, being a good girl (really, I am!!!), I will let you know as soon as I can. STACKS of fun for scrappers everywhere to be had with this one ;D

Well, that's enough excitement for me for one night...I am off to bed to grab a few hours sleep before my poor neglected kiddies have me up and chasing them around. Poor little things! All they wanted was Mummy tonight and I was workin' away :o( Mind you, DH Mark let them stay up till 10pm (WHAT!!!!!!!!) and Lili was running around naked at one stage while he was watching The Footy Show...wonder they wanted me actually as I am strict with bedtime and Daddy is a soft touch...I guess they are just used to their routine :o)

Chat to you all soon ;D

One final thanks to my hard-working online workshoppers're the BEST, girls :o)

MMMMWWWWAAAAH!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sneak peeks!!!

No, not of the "Doodling Fantasia" workshop...sorry girls, not meaning to string you along :o) Still working on the final details for those, so they will be released later in the week!!!

So, I have decided to extend the deadline for registration in the "Doodling Fantasia" series of workshops until 9am Sunday 25th June. PLEASE excuse my typo in the initial blog post below re: the registration deadline if anyone noticed it :o) If you missed the details of my workshops, please click here. Heaps of spaces left so jump in and let me know which time slot you'd like :o)

Anyway, about the sneak peeks...these are for my free trial workshop on Thursday night which a few very supportive scrapping friends of mine are doing for me to give me some feedback...thank you so much girls ;D The theme is "My Happiness", so obviously, we are journaling about things that make us happy! Telling the story behind my life, scrapping my innermost thoughts, sharing my joys and purging my demons on paper...these things are sooooooo important to me. This is one thing that I want to encourage you all to do through my scrap about yourselves. It's great therapy, trust me lol!!! ;D But, NOOOOOOO pressure...feel free to scrap whoever you please, and use whatever colours/papers/products you like...they are YOUR layouts :o)

So, here's the sneakies of the "My Happiness" project...typical bright and funky Karen layout lol :o)

And guess what??? One person who attends a session of next week's "Doodling Fantasia" workshops will WIN in a random name draw... a full instruction kit of the "My Happiness" layout (including images, extra project ideas/hints/tips, and a Uniball Signo White gel pen...the BEST white gel pen around!!!), so you can create it at home in your own time...YAY!!!! :o) Plus, one lucky person will win a pack of scrapping goodies (also a random name draw). I just LOVE to make people happy ;D

Well, this blog is still about me, not just my what else has been happening around here???? I have another secret to tell!!!!! But not just yet...I'm teasing again, I know!!! But, you are all going to LOOOOOOVE much fun!!! Apart from me nearly bursting with creativity and excitement at the moment, there's not much else happening. Just the usual wife/mummy/daughter/sister/friend stuff. Nothing exciting, nothing bad, just normal...and that's good!!! And I'm healthy again, so that's great too :o)

Well, better get to bed so I can be full of energy tomorrow for my littlies. Wednesdays are home day for the kids...Mummy Day. No day care, no creating. We love doing stuff together, just us three. Might get some doughnuts and sausage rolls for lunch and go visit my Mum (Grandma)...hi Ma!!!!!

Don't forget, stay tuned to my blog for further updates later in the week :o)

Thank you all so much for your support, and keep those bookings rolling in!!!


Monday, June 19, 2006

Never doodled before?

Handcut butterflies from patterned paper, draw a doodled border around your layout, learn to add subtle doodling on layout accents, handwrite beautiful song lyrics directly onto your photo...have I caught your attention yet????

Learn how to do all this in my very first series of scrapbooking workshops!!!! It's not hard when you know how, even if you've never tried it before and think you can't draw to save yourself, and all of the templates are included for you to use to create your own stunning doodled layout!

So go on, give it a go...enrol in a workshop next week...I'd love to see you there!! For details see my post below :o)

Thanks to everyone who's enrolled so far...MWWWWWAAAAAH!!!! More details soon...

And please everyone, head on over to the one and only Ngaire Bartlam's blog, donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and be in the draw to win one of over 70 FABULOUS scrapbooking prizes as part of Ngaire's 2006 Ultimate Scrapbooking Raffle in Aid of Breast Cancer Research!!! As part of the prize pool, I will be scrapbooking one layout each for three lucky winners...oh, and Elsie has a prize in there too!!! I'll DEFINITELY be donating lol!!!!! Seriously though, what better cause could you ask for? So hop on over...Ngaire would be soooooo excited to hear from you (Hi Ngaire!!!) :o)

See you all soon with more class details!