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Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's been a good week... of the best ever!!! :o) The workshops have been going great...wonderful students, fabulous layouts everyone has been producing (keep them coming in girls!!!), Typepad's been pretty well-behaved (well, better than Blogger, anyway!), and I feel so feeling ever! My heart truly IS happy for this amazing opportunity to share my scrapping ideas with you all...THANKYOU :o)

More good week secret!!!

I received an email inviting me to be part of a little group of Aussie scrappers. The aim is to do weekly dare layouts in the vein of my fave darers, The Effers. Now, these girls restrictions apart from a broad theme under which they scrap amazing layouts each week. So hell yeah, I jumped at it!!! No restrictions, use what I like, purely self-indulgent scrapping...YAY!!!! Sue (our organizer) is fab and the girls are just awesome...I am sooo loving it and feel so very lucky and bamboozled as to why I was plucked out of the blue to join this little group! After much organizing and chatting this week, our first dare is up...YAY!!!!! To check out who else is in our group, click here: Aussie Dares...I'll add everyone's links to my blog in the coming week when I have more time. Have fun and...I dare you to create a "HOW DARE YOU" layout ;P

One more good thing...Scrapbook Creations contacted me yesterday. They want to publish some of my layouts...COOL!!!!! And maybe more work for them in the future...hmmm, what does that mean??? Better email them and find out, huh? So yes, I am Happy Karen, EXCITED KAREN, Content Karen...*aaaaaah*, feels soooo good lol ;D

Check you all soon :o) MMMMWWWAAAAHHH!!!! xoxo


Blogger Chris Millar said...

Hi Karen, that's fantastic news that everything is going so well for you and congrats on the Aussie Dare site!
Could you pretty please email me with the link to the gallery with all the class layouts in it please!

Saturday, 01 July, 2006  
Blogger Sara Pearcy said...

Sounds great Karen! We'll keep an eye out for you!

Love the Aussie Dare site - we've been talking about it heaps over the last few days. I hope it really takes off and keeps going - it's fantastic.

xx S.

Sunday, 02 July, 2006  
Blogger Yolande said...

Congrats on the Aussie Dare Karen... love your work so will be looking out for your creations. And will be watching here for some more workshops. THANKS!

Monday, 03 July, 2006  
Blogger Chrissy said...

Just wanted to pop in here and tell you how much I've loved all the versions of your butterfly doodling class I've seen! Wished I had known about it, the LOs are all so *beautiful*!!! Congrats on the SC acceptances too, sounds like they have some fun things in store for you! Fabulous!

Oh and tell Amber that Chrissy from TSH said a little hello! :-)

Chrissy xx

Tuesday, 04 July, 2006  

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